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Our Offer


What you see in this site is what you get

We think you will agree that the most disappointing thing that can happen to you is when you arrive at your holiday destination and find that what you were promised online and what you found were two totally different things. We take extra care not to show or describe anything that does not reflect our reality.


The serviced apartments we rent at Epinio offer:

Location, since

  • Epinio is at the popular Greek island of Paros, 
  • It is very close to the sea,
  • It is in a tranquil area, at a village called Drios, very near one of the most popular beaches on the island 
  • Provides easy transportation

They are Clean and Spacious

Continental breakfast

Reasonable prices,

Especially if you take into account that we do not charge extra for up to 4 visitors per booking.

Modern facilities such as

FREE WiFi, Satellite TV, Own telephone number, cooking utensils

Indoor leisure space,

Keep children out of midday sun if sensitive or you want to be proactive, to relax, watch TV, play darts etc.

A big outdoor private plot

Where, with the only limitation of respecting others, you could set up your own idea for an activity.

Our hospitable Staff

Will do their best, within reason, to help you enjoy your stay.

Welcome to Epinio


Thank you for visiting this site.

We hope you find our site easy to navigate, that it answers all your questions and hopefully, that it convinces you, that staying at our rental apartments, may actually be something you would like.

Open All Seasons


Very few establishments are open in Paros during the off-season period.

It would please us if you compared Epinio Apartments with whatever else you found on offer before you decided where to go.

Pet Friendly


You should take into account that we love animals so, they are always welcome, providing they are trained for cleanliness, to respect other visitors and preferably kept outside the Studios in kennels that can be provided.