Other Information


We would like to encourage you to help us improve ourselves by sending us your comments regarding anything about Epinio.

To assist you with this you will find helpful functionality in the "Contact" menu.

We assure you that any comment will be respected, taken seriously and actioned upon, if deemed necessary.


Our Primary Concern


We need to make clear that our primary concern is the Health and well being of our customers.

For this reason we pay extra attention to cleanliness.

You will notice that we try to have the Studios very clean.

Without meaning any disrespect to outgoing customers we go through an ECOLOGICAL disinfection ordeal of the Studios before we allow the following customers to enter.

It goes of course without saying that cleanliness of our linen and towels is a top priority for us.

If you notice any mishap or have a concern about this issue it will be appreciated and you would be of great assistance to us if you reported it to us immediately.

Of course it would also be very helpful to us if our guests, without exaggerating,  had hygiene and cleanliness in mind in their general behavior.

Welcome to Epinio


Thank you for visiting this site.

We hope you find our site easy to navigate, that it answers all your questions and hopefully, that it convinces you, that staying at our rental apartments, may actually be something you would like.

Open All Seasons


Very few establishments are open in Paros during the off-season period.

It would please us if you compared Epinio Apartments with whatever else you found on offer before you decided where to go.

Pet Friendly


You should take into account that we love animals so, they are always welcome, providing they are trained for cleanliness, to respect other visitors and preferably kept outside the Studios in kennels that can be provided.