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We would like to encourage you to help us improve ourselves by sending us your comments regarding anything about Epinio.

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We assure you that any comment will be respected, taken seriously and actioned upon, if deemed necessary.


Apartment Charges

Because we want people to see exactly what we are offering, we are trying to keep our charges at a respectable low price without exaggerating.

We offer extra discounts :
* For early bookings                 
* For more than 10day visits
  To take advantage of this offer please contact us
at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Here's the Deal:

You get to stay in a luxury apartment at half the price of any place that offers an equivelant environment. Cheaper is always available but they will never be the same. 


Feel free to contact us for any clarifications or requirements you might have.

For the High Season ( 15/7 - 20/8)

The rate for an Apartment is 150 €/Day


For the Low Season (21/8 - 14/7)

The rate for an Apartment is 120 €/Day 



Breakfast is included in above prices

Minimum days per visit are 3.


Welcome to Epinio


Thank you for visiting this site.

We hope you find our site easy to navigate, that it answers all your questions and hopefully, that it convinces you, that staying at our rental apartments, may actually be something you would like.

Open All Seasons


Very few establishments are open in Paros during the off-season period.

It would please us if you compared Epinio Apartments with whatever else you found on offer before you decided where to go.

Pet Friendly


You should take into account that we love animals so, they are always welcome, providing they are trained for cleanliness, to respect other visitors and preferably kept outside the Studios in kennels that can be provided.